Atac la sol cu MiG-21 | VideoMiG-21 on ground attack mission | Video

migUn avion MiG-21 al Fortelor Aeriene Siriene a fost surprins in timpul unei misiuni de atac la sol impotriva pozitiilor ocupate de rebeli.

MiG-ul este filmat in timp ce se apropie, apoi vireaza stanga spre tinta si lanseaza una din cele doua bombe pe care le transporta sub planuri.

Proiectilul a cazut foarte aproape de cel care a filmat misiunea de atac la sol.

Fortele Aeriene Siriene aveau in dotare, inaintea razboiului civil, peste 200 de avioane MiG-21, jumatate dintre acestea fiind capabile sa execute misiuni de atac la sol.

migA Syrian Air Force MiG-21 jet was filmed during a ground attack mission.

The MiG-21 can be seen aproaching the target, then steady turning onto left and immediately launching one of two bombs it was carrying.

Syrian Air Force had, before the civil war, more than 200 MiG-21s, half of those being optimized for ground attack missions.

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