Francezii reactioneaza urat dupa selectarea Gripen NG in BraziliaThe french react bad after Brazil selected Gripen NG

Gripen-NGFrancezii de la Dassault nu au primit prea bine vestea ca Brazilia a ales sa cumpere avioane multirol Saab Gripen NG iar al lor Rafale a ramas, inca o data, pe dinafara.

Prin intermediul unui comunicat de presa, compania din Hexagon a acuzat amatorismul brazilienilor, care n-ar fi inteles de ce Rafale este mai scump si de ce merita sa fie achizitionat.

Regretam ca alegerea lor a fost Gripen, un avion construit cu parti din mai multe tari, in special din SUA, si care nu se afla in aceeasi categorie cu Rafale. Gripen este mai usor, are un singur motor si nu se poate compara cu Rafale in materie de performante, de aici si pretul mai mare al avionului nostru. Argumentul financiar nu ia in considerare costul efectiv de utilizare al Rafale sau nivelul tehnologiei oferite”, scriu francezii.

Replica suedeza nu a intarziat, un oficial al Saab spunand simplu ca francezii spun prostii.

“Imi pare rau, dar cred ca francezii spun prostii. Am putea analiza atent cele doua avioane si am realiza ca, in final, exista un singur aspect la care Rafale e superior – poate transporta arme nucleare. Dar Gripen poate transporta mai multe arme, are un radar mai bun, este mai ieftin si va consuma mai putin din banii contribuabilului brazilian”, a explicat Lennart Sindahl, vicepresedintele Saab.

Gripen-NGThe french of Dassault didn’t recevied to well the news about Saab Gripen winning the tender in Brazil.

In an official statement, the french manufacturer says that swedish fighter is just… cheap.

“We regret that the choice has gone in favor of the GRIPEN, an aircraft provided with many items of equipment of third party origin, especially U.S., and that does not belong to the same category as the RAFALE. The GRIPEN is a lighter, single engine aircraft that does not match the RAFALE in terms of performance and therefore does not carry the same price tag. This financial rationale fails to take into account either the RAFALE‚Äôs cost-effectiveness or the level of technology offered.”

Saab reacted imediatly.

“I’m sorry, but I think the French said a bunch of nonsense. If we carefully analyze the two planes, we realize that, ultimately, there is only one issue that Rafale is superior – it can carry nuclear weapons. But Gripen can carry more weapons, has a better radar, is cheaper and consume less of the Brazilian taxpayer’s money”, said Lennart Sindahl, vice president of Saab.

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