Polonia extinde resursa de zbor pentru avioanele Su-22Poland keeps it’s Su-22 jets flying

su-22 polonia micGuvernul polonez a optat pentru pastrarea in serviciu a avioanelor Suhoi Su-22 aflate in dotarea Fortelor Aeriene Poloneze.

Astfel, vor fi alocate fonduri pentru extinderea resursei de zbor a avioanelor in cauza, care vor ramane in serviciu pana in anul 2026. Decizia a fost luata recent, pe fondul tensiunilor din Ucraina.

Polonia are in dotare 18 avioane Su-22, 12 dintre ele in varianta monoloc M4, in timp ce sase sunt cu dubla comanda, varianta M3K.

Su-22 poloneze se afla pe baza aeriana din Swidwin.

Foto via karo-aviation.nlsu-22 polonia micPolish Goverment decided to keep the Air Force’s Su-22 fighter jets flying.

According to an annoucement made by Polish Defence Ministry, the Goverment decided to allocate need to expand flight resource for another 10 years, meaning that Su-22 will be operational until 2026.

Poland has a total of 18 Su-22 jets, 12 of them with one seat and 6 two-seater.

Photo by karo-aviation.nl

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