Emiratele Arabe Unite renunta la Eurofighter TyphoonUAE says ‘NO’ to Eurofighter Typhoon

eurofighter-uaeEmiratele Arabe Unite au renuntat la intentia de a achizitiona avioane multirol Eurofighter Typhoon.

Anuntul a fost facut chiar de catre BAE Systems.

Oficialii din Emirate au negociat o buna perioada de timp cu Franta un posibil contract de achizitie a avioanelor Dassault Rafale. Apoi, din senin, arabii au solicitat o oferta pentru Eurofighter Typhoon.

Dupa alte negocieri, care au durat mai bine de doi ani, cei din Emirate au renuntat la discutiile pentru Typhoon.

Momentan nu se stie daca vor fi reluate negocierile cu Dassault, daca se vor orienta spre un alt avion multirol sau daca se renunta complet la ideea de achizitie.eurofighter-uaeThe UAE officials said “NO” to Eurofighter Typhoon multirole fighter jet.

After more than two years of discussions, the arabs decided that the offer for Typhoon is’t good enough for them, so they’ll pass it.

Untill now they haven’t announced if the negociation with France, for Dassault rafale, will start over again or if another jet is tagreted for a possible buying proposal.

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